The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#79 An Analytics-Driven Formula for Success as a Digital Nomad with Derek Pankaew

In this newest episode, I’m joined by my friend and a familiar face on the digital nomad trail. Derek and I met by chance a few years ago in an alley in Saigon, and then again in Chiang Mai.

Derek Pankaew and Danny Flood in Chiang Mai.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Derek had whittled his savings down to his last $200 while in Saigon – but completely turned things around to the point where three months later he was earning $10,000 a month through T-shirt designs on Teespring. Within six months, he began hiring other digital nomads, and scaled up his activities to the point where he was earning $30,000 – $40,000 per month.

He’s since launched a Udemy course teaching how exactly how he was so successful with Teespring, and has created another successful business selling supplements through Amazon FBA.

We reunited recently in Bangkok, where Derek was on his way Koh Phangan, where he’s calling in from today. His travel plans this year also include Bali, Japan, India, and Africa.

What really impresses me about Derek is his very thorough and analytical approach to entrepreneurship. He has an uncanny mind for breaking complex business opportunites down to their component parts and predicting outcomes.

In this interview, we discuss Derek’s systematic formula for quickly building web startups and acquiring initial customers within a few short weeks.

We also discuss:

  • The importance of discovery calls and dissecting existing business models
  • Criteria to look for when assessing opportunities
  • Paid advertising strategies for scaling up traffic and revenues quickly
  • Top paid advertising resources to get up to speed quickly
  • Understanding buyer behavior – and optimizing your funnel based on the lead source
  • Strategies to fully monetize new leads
  • Alternative advertising channels besides Google and Facebook
  • Why blogging tends to be a broken business model, because most bloggers have no legitimate plan to monetize their audiences
  • Successful ways to intersect content marketing and paid advertising
  • How mailing lists affect SEO performance
  • Plus much more!

This was an excellent and inspiring interview with Derek. Enjoy, and if you love our show please subscribe and review! Every little bit helps.

Links included in this episode:

Discounted link for Derek’s Udemy course:
“Launch on Teespring: How I Make 6 Figures Selling T-Shirts 

Fly Free Academy – How to Book a Flight to Anywhere in the World for $20 Dollars