Automation is shaking up the way we work. 

I take that back.

“Shaking up” is too light a word to describe what’s happening. Automation is exploding virtually every industry. Computers are coming for our jobs — yours and mine — and no one is safe.

Almost every day, we see more and more evidence that computers and technology are coming to replace us. They perform our jobs cheaper, more efficiently and better than we humans ever could.

According to BigThink, 47 percent of jobs will not exist by 2,038. In 2016, President Trump won the “Rust Belt” with a promise to bring jobs back to the US. But according to many experts (as cited by The New York Times), the biggest job-killer is not outsourcing. It’s automation.

There is a tidal wave of change shaking up the world, and it’s not going to go away. It’s only getting started.

This will be the biggest upheaval in human history.

Either you know what is happening or you don’t — but it definitely affects you. For those willing to get ahead of the curve and embrace automation, the sky is truly the limit. I see this as the greatest opportunity of our time.

It’s never been easier to deploy automation to make your business leaner, quicker, more efficient and vastly more profitable.

I couldn’t be more excited.

In my mind, folks who express fear and dismay at the loss of jobs are focusing on the wrong things and asking the wrong questions. 

Applying past, outdated models to prepare for future opportunities is never a good way to go. 

In today’s entrepreneurial world, the biggest wins come not from what worked in the past, but from the new, novel and disruptive.

Those who benefit during times of massive change are those willing to embrace the chaos. Those enterprising individuals who embrace the change and ride it out to accrue great fortune.

The recent frenzy over cryptocurrency the past two years is an obvious example that comes to mind — tons of uncertainty, and tons of profit was made.

But there’s another force that’s evolving and shaping our world in a more silent and subtle way. It’s a less competitive and less saturated opportunity… yet more powerful than any of us can imagine.  

The case for automation

Technology is making our lives easier every single day. Improved technology creates more abundance and efficiency, making certain things that used to be difficult extremely easy. This is a very good thing.

And yet many of us are resistant to the idea of using automation to accomplish our work. We have become conditioned to believe that in order to deserve success, we need to work ourselves down to the bone. Making hard work easy almost feels like cheating.

Let me ask you: do you have any moral hangups when you drive your car? You probably wouldn’t. Yet in the last century, cars put a lot of horses — and their chaffeurs — out of jobs.

Any technological revolution in modern history at first seems crazy, risky and often immoral. But people eventually come around and it becomes mainstream.

If you’re not already embracing technology to make your business easier, I would advise that you jump on the train now. 

Your business can accelerate far past others in its space or fall far behind. It’s a crucial missed opportunity if you aren’t leveraging technology and innovation as a core part of your business.

My friend James Schramko calls this “a black box advantage” — something that will give you a leg up over other competitors within a market. It is our job to discover these black boxes and leverage them to maximum benefit whenever possible. 

You MUST use these for your competitive edge to create an extraordinary life. Technology is creating a world of abundance but we must embrace it to the fullest to enjoy a life of abundance.

Automation changed my life

As an entrepreneur, I’ve embraced automation and placed it at the core of my business model. It’s had a profound effect on my business, and completely transformed my life.

With the right automation tools combined and a solid strategy, I grow my business on autopilot. I generate massive marketing reach, and create never-ending high-value leads, subscribers, fans and customers for my business.

Using marketing software and automation tools, I’ve been able to amass more than half a million followers on social media accounts. My clients and I have driven millions of visitors and pageviews, sales and revenue. 

I run my business from anywhere, traveling the globe and going wherever I want to. I hike mountains, dive in tropical seas and travel countries on a motorcycle. 

And I’ve been able to do all of this in a relatively short time, with very little effort. Much of this freedom is thanks to automation tools and software that replace all of the hard, boring work so that I can focus on the fun stuff. 

In my new book “Dr Growth” I introduce you to some of the tools and hacks that have been working well for me and walk you through their use. It is my hope that are reading the book you’ll be able to use automation to your advantage in your business the way that I do in mine. 

What I present in this book are what I’ve learnt through my own experience and diligent learning, but there are many other hacks to be discovered.

Still, isn’t there something wrong with all of this? What about spam? 

Marketing is nothing more than salesmanship multiplied by a mass medium (or by automation). A bad salesman spams, a great salesman gives value and presents solutions that improve the lives of those he serves.

All of the most successful companies that have been built in the last century did so on the back of what others call “spam.” 

Think about direct mail, which marketers have been sending to your address for decades. How time consuming it would have been to write out all of those brochures and mail them one-by-one!

The net benefits of leveraging technology always far outweigh anything lost by giving up the old way of doing things.

Automation may be coming to replace all of our hard, boring and repetitive jobs. But it will create abundance like we’ve never seen before. 

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Right now you have two choices. 

You can view the tidal wave of change that technology and automation presents through a lens of fear and scarcity. You may perceive it as a threat or some type of unethical form of cheating due to some well-meaning but misguided sense of morality. 

In time, your fears will compound themselves and what you fear will become reality. In ten years, you’ll be lucky if your current skills and approach will still be relevant.

Or you can embrace automation to its fullest potential.

The second choice recognizes and appreciates that abundance is made possible through technological innovation. It doesn’t withstand it. It’s a firm commitment to riding this wave as far and as long as possible. 

It’s an exciting and hugely profitable journey. And I would like to invite you to join me.