One of the big things right now is Amazon and specifically, making money through self-publishing using Amazon’s platform. Amazon has changed the game for millions of would-be authors, enabling them to realize their dream of publishing a book, and earn a nice living too. However, a lot of people are rushing to this “gold mine” but not doing as well as they’d hoped, or not earning any real money.

Bruce the Book Guy JonesSo I connected with a man who is doing quite well, publishing books on Amazon and turning it into a lucrative source of passive income.

Bruce has been developing products since 1990 and selling them online for nearly 20 years. He’s self-published 32 books on Amazon, and just last year did more than $11,000 in sales through his Amazon publishing efforts. The books he’s created range from clip-art maps to children’s books to music books to non-fiction how-to books.

Since the 90’s, Bruce has earned over a million dollars from a series of clip-art maps he created. 

He is also a business graphic designer, software developer, musician and independent video producer. He’s definitely a through-and-through creative type, and figured out a way to learn how to support himself from the art.

In this short-but-sweet podcast full of content, Bruce shares a bunch of juicy tips for self-publishing from:

  • How to earn a living as an a self-publisher
  • Tons of techniques to market and sell more books
  • The “be everywhere” tactic that Bruce uses to dominate a niche and gain high volumes of traffic
  • How to develop a killer outline and sales copy for books
  • How to be a prolific – and productive – product creator
  • The entire process to self-publishing success, broken into 4 easy steps.
  • And more…

This was a great interview with a true veteran of the self-publishing industry with a ton of knowledge to share. Bruce normally charges $1,500 for his book coaching program but you can get direct access to his expertise for free in this podcast. Enjoy!


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