“Mind your mind; guard it resolutely. Since it is the mind that confuses the mind, don’t let your mind give in to your mind.” -Suzuki Shosan

In this episode of the podcast I was invited on to the “Suitcase Entrepreneur” podcast where I was interviewed by the host, Natalie Sisson.


We chatted about the mindset and lifestyle of high achievers, how to create your own set of rules to live by, and how to write your own life’s narrative.

It was a really interesting, candid discussion. Some things we discuss:

  • How to flip the script on your internal dialogue and mindset
  • Why perspective is everything and what you can do to change yours
  • How to set specific and purposeful goals
  • What do if you’re doubting your path
  • What mindstorming is and how to do it

Enjoy this conversation between me and the one and only Natalie Sisson! And let me know you think 🙂