The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#98 Become the Hero of Your Life's Narrative with Michael Margolis (@GetStoried)

Hey there, welcome to this week’s action-packed episode of the OpenWorld podcast. Thanks for joining us! In this interview I had the pleasure of welcoming Michael Margolis to the show.

Michael Margolis, CEO of Get Storied

As the CEO and founder of Get Storied, Michael has spent the last 15 years on a path of transformational storytelling, pioneering new practices for corporate innovation, social change, and career reinvention. He’s served as a story advisor to leading institutions like Google, NASA, and Greenpeace.

He has unlocked core narratives for 30+ different industries. Developed online courses, virtual summits, conferences, and live workshops that serve tens of thousands.

On the outside he was a success. But on the inside, he was a mess. So he knew it was time for a sabbatical to really discover the core of himself, that he had long forgotten during his career.

He sold off 90% of my possessions, emptied a big house in Marin County, California. Since then he’s begun living, working, and teaching around the world. Vancouver, Amsterdam, Mumbai, San Francisco, Melbourne, New York City, are just a few of the places he nows consider home.

Michael believes that story is the biggest and most overlooked factor in the success of our lives. So I invited him onto the podcast to share more and also teach us how to create a powerful life story and narrative.

“Life is performance art. We’re all on stage. I’d much rather bet the house on you becoming more of who truly are, and letting that presence be your performance, than you trying to perform being somebody you’re not. Just be you.
-Michael Margolis

We discuss some heavy and meaty subjects, such as:

  • Michael’s own breakdown. Burning the candle at both ends and hitting the wall, he got so sick he could barely walk.
  • The “Dark Passenger:” What’s my place? And where do I belong?
  • Making friends with “the dragon,” and why it’s the vehicle for growth.
  • How to avoid becoming the victim of your story, and become the master of your destiny.
  • Resistance and creative tension.
  • Michael’s six-step methodology for creating a powerful narrative that he used with Google and Greenpeace.
  • Plus a lot more!

This was a very informative and entertaining interview, and one not to be missed! Michael shared a number of deep and profound insights, that I plan to listen to over and over. Enjoy this episode with Michael and become a friend of the show, please leave us a review on iTunes.