The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#60 How I Replaced My Job to Earn 3x More While Traveling the World with Gabby Wallace (@GoNaturalEng)

In this interview I’m joined by Gabby Wallace, owner of Go Natural English and the Laptop Teacher which helps entrepreneurs with YouTube marketing and creating online courses.

Gabrielle Wallace, founder of Laptop Teacher, talks with OpenWorld.

She’s here to share her story of quitting my university professor job in February to travel to 18 countries this year, and growing an online teaching business that’s earning 3 times more than her job and growing quickly. Her YouTube channel has also surpassed 100,000 subscribers and 5 million views and she’s about to publish a book on Amazon.

Gabby has been on fire in 2015, her two brands are earning solid revenue, and her jetsetting lifestyle has been envious by any measure. But it took four years of dedicated work to get to this point. In this interview we really go into depth to discuss how she built up her brands as a “side hustle” while working at her English teaching job in Japan.

Like many of us, Gabby wanted to travel and see the world and thought that English teaching would be a good way to do that. She got into teaching English but realized that the job was too restrictive; her work schedule was demanding and she didn’t have the freedom to do anything crazy, like spend Carnival in Brazil.

In this interview, Gabby tells all about her journey to this point and everything she’s learned.

Gabrielle Wallace, founder of Go Natural English, talks with OpenWorld.

  • The entire process of setting up her brand and content-facing business, broken down into steps
  • The influences that have inspired her and encouraged her to start and step up her game
  • Early wins (and early mistakes) made
  • How she fell in to the trap of not earning any money… and how she turned it around
  • Her current income streams broken down and explained
  • What kept her going when all around her others were giving up on their hustles
  • Tips to create the best content and information products
  • Insider YouTube marketing and other marketing techniques
  • How to automate and scale your workflow
  • How to set up your own platform and sell products through your site (and earn greater revenues than through a third-party)

There was a ton of value packed in to this podcast, and I took a lot of notes! Enjoy, and if you like our show, please consider leaving us a review on iTunes 🙂

8 Responses

  1. Marie

    I envy her guts. It would really take a lot of courage to be able to do what she did. Hope I can have the same courage as her.

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Danny,

    The thing that gets me is once you let go your old life, the freedom flows in through so many channels. Boosting your earnings is awesome – and congrats to Gabby for making that chedda – and boosting all forms of freedom in your life is even more amazing. My wife Kelli and I have paid rent for only 1 month since June, 2014. We rented a cozy spot in the rice fields of Ubud, Bali. Since June 2014 we have house sat in Fiji, NYC, Bali, Nicaragua, and we have 2 sits set up in Costa Rica. So in June 2016, we’ll have NOT paid a dime of rent – save 1 month – for 2 years. Crazy.

    Gabby shows that so much freedom flows your way when you let go what binds you, and we are neat examples of that too. Keep on inspiring DF and Gabby, you rock guys.

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    • Marie

      It really take lots of guts and failures before you can own the sweet success. Kudos to you guys for the success you’re achieving right now.