The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#44 How to Earn Top Dollar Publishing on Amazon with 16 year-old author Mark Messick

It’s a real treat to feature Mark Messick in this episode. Mark is a 16 year-old Amazon author who has self-published nine books, including several Amazon best-sellers.

16 year-old Amazon author Mark L Messick

Last month he just received a check from Amazon for $4,000 from his book sales. On top of that, he dropped out of traditional school at age 11. A few short years later and he is already earning more money passively than most Americans do working at full-time jobs.

Mark discovered his love of writing at 13, and devoted himself to his newfound passion. He would write for 6 hours at a time, and after a couple of months had finished his first 75,000 word manuscript. One short upload to Amazon and he was officially an “author.”

That was 3 years ago. Now Mark is a veteran of the Kindle publishing game, has networked with top-earning authors, and learnt the ins and outs of what it takes to earn serious money publishing on the platform.

Mark shared a TON of valuable Kindle publishing and productivity hacks during this episode, one after the other. Some of the gems shared include:

  • The 5 keys to earning serious money on Amazon
  • What the process of going from earning $200 from Amazon to $800… then $1,500… all the way up to $4,000, was like, laid out in detail
  • Everything you need to know about book covers, descriptions (including Mark’s format for sales copy), titles, and reviews
  • The #1 target authors must hit to reach Amazon’s promotion list (and earn the real money)
  • The motivational mindset “hack” that is the secret to his 2,500 words / hour productivity

Mark is an inspiring example that anyone can succeed if you follow your passions, no matter their age, background, or education level. As long as you do what you love, keep practicing, and keep learning, you can become a master and “cash in your passions.”

I was super inspired by this interview, and took a TON of notes. For more with Mark, check out his new venture, Ninja Productivity.

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9 Responses

  1. Mark Messick

    Love the pic of the dude with the pipe. Honestly, he looks JUST like me. Seriously, we could pass off as identical twins. 🙂

  2. Marie

    Wish I can write. God forbids me to have such talent or I could be earning $4,000 now…LOL! Nice Mark. Kindle is popular not just by young generations but so as those who aged 🙂

  3. Jan

    I know Mark from FB groups and i’ve been watching him for years. I seriously doubt he’s making any money at all. How can he? Most of his books are free. Those that aren’t free have low sales rankings in Amazon which clearly shows hes only making a handful of sales every month! You simply cant hide your books actual performance as the sales rankings reflect actual sales!

    • Danny Flood

      Thanks for the heads up, Mark was also interviewed by James Altucher on how he broke $4,000 a month in sales last year, and I believe him. Perhaps you could ask Mark himself to issue proof of his earnings, but honestly, it’s probably not worth the time. He shared a lot of great info on this call, and for a 16 year-old, what he’s done is very impressive.