Sean Perez, language-learning expert from Guam.

Sean Perez of Guam is an experienced world-traveler and polyglot. While living in Taiwan, he became conversationally fluent in Mandarin in only 4 months. A self-professed language fanatic, he’s now fluent in 7 languages, and is shooting for 10, studying 3 more!

Sean has developed an unconventional approach to learning languages which allows anyone, regardless of their experience at previous attempts at language learning, to easily learn a target language.

Things shared in the interview:

  • The mindset needed to be successful
  • How to make learning fun
  • The reasons most people fail when it comes to language-learning
  • The best language-learning tool
  • A powerful technique to improve your memory
  • Why mistakes are vital
  • The importance of phonemes, mnemonics, cognates, and more.

Resources mentioned during the interview:

  • Italki – Language exchange website where you can contact and interact with teachers in any language.
  • Anki – Digital flash-cards for self-study (available for free on Mac or PC)

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