“Probably the best traveler interview I’ve ever heard. You did a great job of listening, following the flow of the conversation, and asking good questions.” Justin Alexander, Adventures of Justin

In this interview we feature the exciting story of Mike Spencer Bown, the “most extensively traveled” man in history who has finally returned home to Canada after traveling since 1991, 23 years straight! In the interview he speaks candidly about his inner and outer journey and the things he’s learned along the way.

  • Mike shares some of his wildest experiences such as living among witch doctors, hunting with Pygmy tribesmen, and hitchhiking across much of Africa and Asia.
  • And travel tales from many of the most dangerous locations in the world, such as Mogadishu, and war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan (hint: he’s had more guns pointed at him, and faced more interrogations and arrests than he can count).
  • What he’s learned about spirituality from living alone in the bush
  • What he’s discovered about humanity, meeting and interacting with people in every corner of the world
  • How he deals with inner demons such as loneliness, fear, and existential angst
  • And much, much, more!

==> Mike openly discusses how he funds his travels here. <==

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