Serena Roffo, who crowdfunded over $5,000 for African Impact

Serena Roffo, who crowdfunded over $5,000 for African Impact

Did you know that you can launch your own crowd funding campaign to volunteer internationally? Volunteer Forever is a simple, easy-to-use crowd funding website for those who would be volunteers. In just minutes you can create a profile, set up your campaign, and promote it to raise funds.

The website was set up in 2013 and since then, users have raised over $750,000 for volunteering trips around the world. We interviewed one of the most successful fund-raisers, who has raised over $5,000 for her volunteer campaign in Zimbabwe. In this interview Serena shares how she conducted her campaign and how you can do the same.

  • How she found a cause that she believed in
  • How she approached and engaged donors to collect donations for her campaign
  • How she offered incentives to encourage large donations
  • The group of contributors who were the most responsive
  • And more!

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