The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#25 - Lifestyle Hacks with How to Live for Free Author, Deepak Tailor

Deepak Tailor, How to Live for Free author, at the Great Wall of China.

To support a backpacking trip through 25+ different countries, Deepak turned to online business to support himself. He turned to affiliate marketing and set up over 70 different niche websites, but found that the impact was very low and the work wasn’t very fulfilling.

While traveling in Singapore, he set up a muse business selling spy cameras which provided automated passive income and funded his travels.

Seeking more impact, his travel experiences inspired his current UK-based business, Latest Free Stuff, which now receives over 400k hits per month, and has over 75,000 email subscribers. He also hosts a “Four Hour Workweek Meetup” in London, which counts over 1,500 “lifestyle designers” amongst its members.

Finally, Deepak has also penned an interesting and unique book called “How to Live for Free” which coins the term “freeganism” and introduces all kinds of unconventional tips to get the things you want at little or no cost.

Deepak Tailor, author of "How to Live for Free," in Indonesia.

A worthy contribution to the “Sharing Economy,” the book teaches how to get private drivers for free, sail the world for free, work out at gyms for free, and much more. One of the most fascinating stories from the book is about a man, Richard Sowa, who built his own island near Cancun.

“How to Live for Free” is a paradigm-shifting book, so I invited Deepak onto the podcast to talk about it, as well as share his own experiences with listeners.

This was a fascinating and interesting discussion with a true lifestyle designer, traveler, and location-independent entrepreneur and author. Enjoy!


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  1. Rob Cubbon

    I really enjoyed listening to this. I’ve known Deepak since either before he went travelling or after he came back to the UK from travelling. I remember when he first set up and I said, “crap, mate, it’ll never catch on.” 😉

    I’ve spoken at his Four-Hour Work Week event in London which is one of the best meetups in London, by the way.

    Inspiring guy, great interview. Deepak shared some great tips as well.
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