The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#48 Growth Hacking and E-mail Outreach Strategies with Ryan Buckley, CEO of Scripted and Toofr

E-mail outreach strategies with Ryan Buckley, CEO of Toofr

Today’s guest is a successful serial entrepreneur, Ryan Buckley. He’s the co-founder of which connects web businesses with content writers.

But we actually became acquainted through his side project, of which I’m a raving fan – Toofr. Toofr is one of the apps that I talk about in my book, “Hack Email” (which is available for a great price right now on Amazon).

It’s a tool Ryan built himself where you input a person’s name and website, and it returns e-mail addresses with amazing accuracy, saving a ton of time in case you want to find people’s contact information very quickly.

This side project has helped pay off his grad student loans of more than $100,000 and provided a nice extra income boost. I love the tool, and feel very privileged to have Ryan with us today as an entrepreneur and a “chief sales hacker” for startups.

In the interview, Ryan and I discuss growth hacking and marketing strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Ryan is an authority on e-mail outreach strategies and scaling strategies for startups, and shared his wealth of knowledge on the podcast.

  • How to engage influencers and sell your services via e-mail, with high response rates
  • How to create or find targeted lists to pitch, and what to look for
  • “Your first e-mail is just an excuse to send the second,” -how to build out a successful drip send campaign
  • The content of a great e-mail pitch
  • The mindset of the most successful marketers
  • Software and apps used to gain leverage
  • Plus much more!

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