The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#27 - Running to Life with Youjin Do, One Way Ticket

Youjin Do, digital nomad creator of One Way Ticket.

One Way Ticket: A Digital Nomad Documentary <== Link to Youjin’s crowdfunding campaign! (

Fleeing a home life of abuse and repression, Youjin ran away from her home in South Korea the day of her high school graduation to start a new life on her own outside of Korea. She started first in China, then traveled to Australia and the US, working and traveling around the world.

“If I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, all the miracles that have happened in my life for the last 7 years would not exist.” -Youjin Do

Flash forward several years, and she’s now working on creating a documentary to shed light on the digital nomad lifestyle!

Only a few days left to go:
One Way Ticket: A Digital Nomad Documentary 

One Way Ticket - Digital Nomad Documentary

Youjin bucks the stereotype that you need to be a white, single, male from a Western country – the rising community of digital nomads features people of all walks of life, nationalities, and backgrounds!

Youjin’s work is all about bringing greater awareness to the digital nomad movement, and showing people that there truly is a better way to work and live. Digital nomads, often mistaken as running away from life – are really running TO life, and Youjin is leading the way in making this idea stick.

Please help support Youjin get this documentary off the ground and crowdfund her dream! Every donation helps: (<== share this link!)

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