Cyril Mazur, founder of MyLadyboy Date.

Cyril Mazur, founder of MyLadyboy Date.

Cyril Mazur is a location-independent entrepreneur and digital nomad who divides his time between Europe and Southeast Asia.

He began his first online business at age 14, where he quickly began earning more than his business professors. Unlike many entrepreneurs who struggle to make money, Cyril is an expert at creating online businesses that are profitable from the very start.

An expert affiliate marketer, he started after college, which has become the most popular Forex information website in France. The website was profitable from day 1, earning $500 commission per lead. He started his most recent business from his laptop in Asia, MyLadyboyDate. The site now generates 5-figures a month in passive income and has only been around for one year.

I invited Cyril for a podcast interview to share his secrets when it comes to validating the profitability of business ideas, getting to profit quickly, and scaling up an online business using effective internet marketing methods. In this interview, Cyril shared a fantastic plan for entrepreneurs to start a lean online business.

  • How to test your ideas
  • How to launch and sell out your minimal viable product (MVP)
  • How to scale up quickly and expand your users beyond your network
  • The little-known strategy Cyril used to grow his business for free using content marketing, and the #1 reason why most businesses fail at content marketing.

He shared a TON of valuable techniques and strategies for entrepreneurs to follow… Enjoy!