People often have been attracted to locations where the sea meets the land. Just think about it, there is always booming business at modern coastal towns and so many of us have been eyeing properties that are situated along the waterfront. The waterfront cities are also attracting lots of tourists each year. Who can decline a combination of beautiful water, pristine sandy beaches and the mélange of seagulls? In this post, we will explore the charms of four beautiful Asian waterfront cities and if you haven’t made a visit to any of these, it’s high time you consider doing so!


If you do not know, this modern bustling city that many calls the “little red dot” (it’s so small that it is just a dot on the world map) started out as a humble fishing port right at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. Today, this cosmopolitan city has its iconic skyline attracting hordes of travelers all over the world. It is a rich country and has been recently declared as the most expensive country to live in. If you have been to Singapore, you will enjoy the modernity and sophisticated charisma of the land as well as the friendly English-speaking citizens that are multi-racial in their cultural backgrounds. It is actually an island in itself but as a waterfront city, you will find no lacks of places to snap those shots along the water coast.


Kobe is a busy port located in Japan and has given acclaimed fame to its local produced beef (Kobe beef). Today, this waterfront city is known as a gourmet mecca and a shopper’s haven that is really popular among the tourists as well as the locals. There are lots of tourist attractions near its waterfront , and as you walk along the water line, you will be able to see a merging of sights such as busy shipping facilities, amusements parks, museums, business buildings and much more.


If you ask a Hippy where’s Bali, I am sure that every single one of them can answer you. This beautiful Indonesian island sees a massive number of tourists each year, coming to pay homage to its picturesque beaches and villages. I feel that the reason why Bali is so popular with the beach lovers is in its way of bringing in the traditional and cultural element into its existence. It also has a nickname “Island of the Gods” and serves tourists across a wide range, from the super-rich to the teenage frugal backpacker. If you love surfing and diving, this piece of paradise should be on your bucket list.


Lying at the tip of the Jiadong Peninsula, Qingdao is located in Shandong, China. It is well known for its Qingdao beer besides its bustling reputation as a wealthy port. Today, Qingdao makes a great summer destination for the Chinese locals and has attracted worldwide tourists with its superb seafood offerings. The sight of Qingdao’s waterfront is too good to be missed as its backdrop of restored colonial buildings adds an old-world charm to this city.

If you are into Asian travel and love to explore this part of the world, make sure you pay a visit to these 4 waterfront cities this year!