Travel is one of the most worthwhile pursuits and travelers come from all backgrounds and walks of life…  families, couples, singles, young and old, everyone loves to travel. Traveling for fun is of course usually a lot more enjoyable than traveling on business but whether it’s a week long vacation, weekend getaway or a business trip, it’s nice to take advantage of travel whenever the opportunity presents itself.

But why would it be important for young entrepreneurs in particular to travel? And, realizing the importance of it, what can today’s young entrepreneurs do in the way of adventurous travel?

Are Entrepreneurs A Special Breed?

Famous travel quote by Mark Twain.

You bet they are. It takes a special kind of a person to be a successful entrepreneur. So it would only stand to reason that a special kind of travel would suit them… but why? It is important for today’s businessman or businesswoman to travel for the following reasons:

  • Seeing other businesses and how they operate allows you to re-examine your business practices.
  • A good executive knows that the learning never stops and travel encourages not only mental stimulus but new ways of learning new things.
  • Introduction to other cultures is vital for entrepreneurs operating on a worldwide basis.
  • If you export or import goods, traveling will help you to reevaluate some common needs when it comes to exporting and importing.
  • See what’s really out there – not what you read about in books or see on TV.

Why Make It an Adventure?

Whereas kicking back on a sunny beach is relaxing as all get out, today’s young generation bores easily. If it’s not stimulating the senses, it’s putting them to sleep. There will be plenty of time for relaxing on the beach when all the hard work ends up in a big cashout. Whether it’s a physical challenge, a mental challenge or both, young entrepreneurs want to do something that they’re going to remember. What are some of the biggest and best adventures that might appeal to some of the biggest and best entrepreneurs of today?

Top Adventure Tour Ideas

Get Ready, Get Set – Enjoy! Here are seven adventure vacations that may take your breath away but oh, what a grand time you will have doing it!

  1. One of the most extreme adventures one can have is whitewater rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Although it can be extremely hot at the base of the canyon – the river’s water is surprisingly cool!Whitewater rafting, Colorado River, Grand Canyon.
  2. See buffaloes, elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions and more up close and personal – is it the Bronx Zoo? Absolutely not. It is a wildlife safari through Africa.African safari in the Okavango delta.
  3. Back to the canyon – and it doesn’t have to be the Grand Canyon. Find your favorite cliff and try hang gliding, canyon diving, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Can’t find a cliff? Try parachuting out of a plane.Skydiving from a plane!
  4. Hiking – it’s no big deal right? That is unless you choose to take an expedition trekking Mount Everest in Nepal.Throng La Pass, Nepal.
  5. If Mount Everest is too snowy, consider the Sahara Desert and a camel caravan.Camel caravan in the Sahara.
  6. Back to the snow – popular in remote locations are activites such as heli-skiing (or snowboarding) in Alaska. It sounds like what it is. Skiing via the use of a helicopter. And you better be good at it! While in Alaska don’t forget to try your hand at a little Alaskan fly fishing.Try your hand at heli-skiing in Alaska
  7. The Great Reef Barrier in Australia is the perfect place to try one’s hand at scuba diving. Exploring takes on a whole new persona when it is done along the largest reef system in the world at the ocean’s depths. The reef is the world’s largest living organism, and the only one that can be seen from space!Diving the great Barrier Reef, Australia.

An adventure vacation may seem a little too stimulating for some, but it is the stimulation itself that allows us to relax. Your mind and body are concentrating very hard, yes. But they are concentrating on matters that never occur during your typical workday. Very few of us think about the challenges of mountain climbing and staying alive while charging along the rapids during even the most heated business meetings.

And it’s not as if staying alive in the business world isn’t challenging – goodness knows it’s possibly more challenging than trying to bring one of the African elephants home on your back. The thing is, it’s challenging in a whole new and exciting way. You use parts of your brain and your body that, very possibly, you never even knew you had. Therein lies the benefits of partaking in the biggest adventure you can possibly imagine!