The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#117 From 42 Cents in my Account to 1 Million in Sales Funnels with Beck Power (@thebeckpower)

Beck Power, founder of NomadMe, and Danny Flood, in Bangkok

Welcome to another interesting and educational episode of the OpenWorld podcast. In this episode I’m joined by my friend and colleague, Beck Power, who is hard at work building her digital nomad empire!

Before she began her new life living abroad, Beck was working as a travel agent in New Zealand. She was earning a decent salary of $75,000, but she was making her company than two million! She thought I’m tired of making other people rich and decided to strike out on her own, come whatever.

She hit the ground running, but it was much harder than she had anticipated. In May 2016, she lay silent on her bed, frozen in fear.

She had just paid rent in my Bangkok apartment. As she stared at her phone screen, only 42 cents remained in her bank account.

She had NO idea how she would pay rent next month. Everything she had tried up to that point was useless. She wasn’t in the right mindset to pull anything together and would just give up and go back to bed.

She felt like the biggest failure EVER.

For two weeks, she cried herself to sleep and didn’t leave the room. She had no idea what I was going to do. The fear crippled her from trying something new. She couldn’t handle another failure, another piece of evidence that she should just give up this digital nomad dream and go home.

As a last ditch effort she tried to discover a way to “reverse engineer” selling products online, a way that was completely different than anything she had tried before. By Christmas of 2016, she was making $3k a month. She implemented it for someone else and they made $4k the first month.

She has since made almost a million dollars across more than eight funnels. Now, she’s focused on creating a number of different useful products related to e-commerce, travel hacking, digital nomadism, and cryptocurrency.

During this interview, Beck and I discuss everything related to digital nomadism and online entrepreneurship. We talk about mindset, marketing and promotion, travel hacking, growth hacking, and much more! Hope you enjoy the podcast and please leave us a review on iTunes if you like our show 🙂