The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#64 How to Create a Location-Independent Life that you Love with Amy Scott (@nomadamyscott)

If you value freedom, exploration, and adventures big and small, want to see the whole world and make a difference, then you are going to love this interview.

Amy Scott, host of Nomadtopia

I’m joined by Amy Scott, the host of Nomadtopia. She’s a full-time digital nomad working and living remotely, a lifestyle that she’s plugging away at for eleven years. On her weekly podcast, she interviews other nomads to find out how they maintain a nomadic lifestyle and support themselves with a business that can be run from anywhere.

In the beginning of the interview, we discuss Amy’s former life and making the transition to her current nomadic lifestyle. We talk about minimalism, cutting back, and the sacrifices made.

Amy Scott joins the OpenWorld podcast.

About 15 minutes into the podcast, we begin to talk about how she’s set up her location-independent freelancing editing and proofreading business and how she’s managed to maintain it all these years. The conversation goes full throttle about location-independent entrepreneurship, especially in terms of freelancing, from there.

  • The value of a “wealthy patron” – an established employer that can send work long-term
  • Finding new clients through associations and forums
  • How to turn away low value opportunities and clients – with grace
  • The math of working less and earning more
  • How not to undercut your pricing – and a strategy to double your freelancing rate
  • The steps to “connect the dots” and become indispensable to a client
  • How to maintain a nomad lifestyle
  • Plus a lot more…

If you’re interested in freelancing, and doing so remotely, then you can’t miss this interview.

Amy also provides an example of an excellent, well-put together freelancing site with her own domain,

Enjoy the interview!

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  1. Marie

    A pretty great interview. Thanks for the share. It really is nice knowing about things as to what others say about living life to the fullest.