The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#78 How to Break the Chains That Hold you Back - My Chat with @RyanRhoten


In this episode of the podcast I was invited on to the “Brand New You Show” where I was interviewed by the host, Ryan Rhoten.

Ryan did an excellent job of preparing for the interview, picking apart my first (and heftiest) book, “Buy Your Own Island,” which led us in to a deep and rich conversation about the location-independent lifestyle.

This interview is well worth your time! Some of the things we discuss:

  • How I’ve systemized book production and launches (learnt by launching four books the wrong way)
  • The moment I broke the chain of location-independence and overwork – and made my lifestyle dreams possible
  • Alibi-itis, leaning beyond your edge, and building the right reference experiences
  • How to write to your avatar – and why it’s important
  • Defining goals and busting through obstacles
  • The importance of changing your environment – and who you surround yourself with – for massive personal change
  • How I created my first mastermind, and how it led me to new heights
  • A simple exercise to re-wire your mind from “can’t” to “can”
  • Stoicism and perceptive filtering
  • Using the skills, knowledge, and experiences you have to build a brand and freelance business
  • How to hack Upwork by creating massive perceived value, and juicing up your profile with reviews and brand studies
  • How to handle client objections to close more deals and other important sales tactics
  • Plus more goodies!

Enjoy this episode with Ryan! P.S. we are switching to a bi-weekly publishing schedule over the next few months with new episodes every Sunday and Wednesday (ish – providing I have strong Wi-Fi). Thanks always for your support! Please subscribe and leave us a review if you like this podcast.

About The Author

Danny Flood is co-founder of OpenWorld, the world's #1 resource for active lifestyle creators. An entrepreneur since age 9, he went from broke ramen-eating college graduate to growing a profitable online business and pursuing lifestyle design with reckless abandon. Through his many adventures around the world, he has been robbed, fallen from bridges and motorbikes, hugged exotic animals, and nearly died several times in pursuit of his dreams. While he could be anywhere, he feels most at home in San Diego, Tokyo, Florianopolis, Buenos Aires, and Penang. Like us on Facebook.

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