Let’s talk about money. It’s a fun subject for some and a painful one for others.

If you’ve ever struggled financially, did you ever wonder why some of your peers seem to have money come to them easily while you were struggling?

I know I sure did. I mired in financial destitution for years. I would get tired of hearing my friends tell me that they were making $10k / month from their freelancing while I was barely scraping together more than $2k.

I spent a great deal of my early and mid-20’s living below the poverty level and always worried about when the money would dry up.

Even when I left home to travel the world, I based my plans around how long I thought my money would last. The fear of running out of money was always deeply embedded in my mind.

Then I began to track expenses, and learned how to keep a budget and it helped a little. I could make better informed decisions about where to spend my money.

But it still didn’t add anything to my life. I wasn’t able to bring more wealth and abundance, all I could do was manage what I had.

And it’s not to say that I didn’t work hard.

I worked really freaking hard all throughout my 20’s, but because I held wrong the mindset towards money, more work didn’t ever seem to lead to more wealth.

And let’s face it – with the wealth gap between millennials and older generations in the US the greatest its ever been in recorded history, and with my friend Taylor declaring that “The End of Jobs” has come, there just isn’t enough to go around by following the traditional set path, especially for young adults.

It took me all of my 20’s to figure this out – but I’ve finally managed to reverse the situation so that I’m in control of money and how much I earn.

Read on if you’d like to learn how…

What does “attracting wealth” mean?

Attracting wealth into your life.

It all began a simple YouTube video.

Just over about a month and a half ago I watched a video by Marie Forleo about how to “attract” wealth into your life.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, or any of my books – then you know I’m not a fan of gimmicks. I like real, actionable, concrete insights that are applicable to a specific situation.

And I’ve never believed in paying gurus or coaches to sell me on positive thinking and other blindingly obvious insights.

In the same vein, I never believed in any “Law of Attaction” stuff either – I thought it was all for a bunch of happy-go-lucky wanna-be dreamers. You make things happen by actually doing them, not by imagining them.

However, for over a month I took one suggestion from this video and just for the heck of it, began to practice it on a daily basis.

And interestingly – just like magic – I began to “attract” more wealth in to my life. Boom! Wake up in the morning to a $500 check from Amazon. Boom! Second half payment from a client. Boom! Two more consulting clients, and another productized service client.

Now, my finances are solid. And my financial outlook is the best it has in a very long time.

Rice paddies of Sumatra, Indonesia.

I just returned from a long walk through the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous terraced fields in the center of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Everywhere around me people smile, wave, and say “Hello mister!”

Everyone here is always laughing, enjoying paradise, gathering each night at a local watering hole to drink tuak (a local brew), play cards and chess, and just live the good life.

It’s the most rewarding thing to be able to take a month off and wander through an exotic land like this with no preoccupation around money or work. Wi-Fi is extremely hard to find out here but I can “disconnect” without any anxiety and just absorb and appreciate Sumatra.

It feels freaking amazing.

When we have the confidence that money can be easily ours – and we don’t have to hoard and worry all the time – it opens our world to all of the possibilities and sweetest things that life has to offer us.

Here’s how I did it

So, what did it take to turn things around?

Certainly not longer hours – and not spending more money on advertising.

All it took was a simple attitude shift.

People who believe they are worth more – ask for and get what they are worth. But believing in this mindset – and reinforcing it when it comes to attracting money in to your life – is much easier said than done.

All too often we lack the confidence to allow ourselves the best that life has to offer.

And it’s also clear that money – or rather, lack of money – is the biggest excuse that we have for sticking to a life that we don’t want.

I’ve had a bunch of readers write to me saying that they want to do such and such – to write a book, to travel the world, or just quit their job. But they always worry about whether their finances can support this path.

When they think of money, their instinctual reaction is one of fear.

This is a very serious issue for many of us.

Re-wiring the knee-jerk fear instinct is not easy to do. It doesn’t happen on its own. I carried around a “hoarding” saver’s mentality for years because I believed that money needed to be held onto tightly because it was difficult to obtain. It never seemed to come easily.

Re-wiring this simple belief makes all the difference to whether our the story of our financial lives is one of abundance – or scarcity.

I never actually believed in the hocus-pocus stuff out there that suggested you could magically “attract” money in to your life.

However, it is absolutely true that our thoughts drive our actions and it takes a lot of action and persistence to create what we want in life.

And to create the thoughts we want we have to integrate a daily practice to re-program our mental paradigm in order to make the shift towards abundance. It’s not enough for me to simply tell you about the importance of an abundance mindset in a blog post.

So, are you ready for a simple exercise to re-wire how you think about money – so that you can create more of it for yourself?

Here it is:

Every time you spend money on something, either say or think to yourself: 

“There’s plenty more where that came from.”

That’s it! Seven simple words.

When you start to do this, you should notice a difference in a way that your mind works. By simply making a habit of repeating these seven words you train your mind to think about ways how you can create more and more wealth.

Recently I have been observing more and more the enormous power of our self-talk. The words we tell ourselves have an enormous influence in the way we think and act, which creates a huge difference in how we approach our day and our lives.

Try this exercise for the next 30 days. Every time you purchase something, say or think: “There’s plenty more where that came from.”

I would love to hear how it works for you.

You should notice that by simply programming yourself to think this way, that you’ll soon create opportunities that lead to more wealth, abundance, happiness and “success” in your business and life.

How to implement this into your work

Create your dream lifestyle as a digital nomad

These days, my approach to my work is very different than it was in the past.

I work to create MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) in a very short time just to see if an idea is commercially viable.

This is a huge departure from the way I worked in the past, and the way that many self-employed people work. Before, I was so caught up in applying the skills that I learned in college – designing graphics in Photoshop, for example – that I held a blind spot which hamstrung my ability to create wealth.

In the past, I might have spent 30 minutes or more just trying to find the perfect image for a blog post. Now I just pick the one that my first instinct tells me is best without wasting time deliberating.

Far too many of us spend such a long time – perhaps months, or even more than a year to build out our ideas. All that time spent, yet no money being made.

Don’t ever spend much time on “busy-work” while neglecting the bigger picture.

It’s far, far, far, better to create an iteration – even something basic – that can be brought to the market to see if the idea is commercially viable.

It’s about seeing and creating new opportunities – and sources of income – because you believe in your ability to make money. If you act with that goal in mind, it gives you a clear path forward instead of believing that the situation is hopeless.

My friend, to create more wealth all starts with your mindset and the specific expression that I’ve shared in this blog post:

“There’s plenty more where that came from.”

So, where do we go from here?

Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

As mentioned before I’ve just arrived in Sumatra, the largest island of Indonesia, last week and I’m free to take a whole month off to travel around, go anywhere, and do whatever I want without any preoccupations about money or work.

Even after traveling and living abroad for 15 months, I’m not only surviving but thriving. I’ve been able to re-write the financial picture and draw more and more “abundance” in to my life. I feel confident about my financial future and know that more and more wealth will make its way in my direction.

Whatever your experiences with money, or whatever your background, I encourage you to start this simple daily practice.

Whenever you make any purchase, tell yourself:

“There’s plenty more where that came from.”

The key is to just change the way you view the financial landscape and your place in it. Once you have a positive, proactive mindset, it makes it easier and easier for you to find opportunities (or create them), expect high returns, and demand the best that life has to offer – always.

And I want you to have the best that life has to offer.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a note in the comment box below – or shoot me an e-mail: [email protected]

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  1. Marie

    Great inputs. Thanks for such great advises. I got to need to try and apply your seven simple words to myself “There’s plenty more where that came from.” Hope by doing this, finally I can save up for my future travels 🙂