The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#45 How to Be a Lifestyle Entrepreneur with Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger, author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur is featured in this episode.

Welcome to another episode of the OpenWorld podcast! We’re recording from a tower in Penang, Malaysia today where Jesse Krieger’s book “Lifestyle Entrepreneur,” became a Malaysia best-seller before hitting the international circuit.

It was a fitting setting to record this episode with Jesse, who has quite the colorful background.

Jesse has been passionate about leading a life outside of the norm from a very early age. He grew up around music and travel, and at a ripe young age booked a ticket to Europe and skipped out on the return, making a living as a musician in Vienna for over a year.

Since then, he’s started a record label, worked as an entrepreneurial consultant, traveling dating coach, and even started a product business in China – where he also learned Chinese.

There’s no doubt Jesse’s lived a bunch of different and exciting lives, so he’s the perfect person to share what he’s learned and shake people up from their paradigms to seize the new lifestyle awaiting them.

Topics we discuss:

  • How to change your reality by finding the right mentors, and the peers to help you elevate your game
  • How to find entrepreneurial opportunities and carve out your niche within the market
  • The biggest mistake that most new entrepreneurs make
  • The most important distinction of successful entrepreneurs – and the trap that many of us all fall in to
  • How to gain entrepreneurial confidence – and get what you are worth
  • Inner game and self-talk
  • What success and failure really mean
  • Ways to zoom out and collect perspective and direction for your life
  • Plus a whole lot of other goodies during this interview…

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