The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#43 Growth Hacking our Startup with Andrew Michael, CEO of Funifi

In this exciting episode, we sit down with Andrew Michael, co-founder and CEO of Funifi, a startup which builds applications to help parents in the household.

Andrew and I connected after I read about the results of a recent growth hacking experiment he did, where they ran a personality test for parents on social media. The personality test prompted parents to answer a set of questions to determine “what type of parent are you?” and share their results across social media.

Funifi parenting test

The result?

Spending just $150, they collected nearly 3,000 new e-mail subscribers and almost 7,000 pageviews within just a few days.

Not bad for a small test!

I was intrigued as I find out about the culture of testing and experimentation that Andrew has implemented, so I wanted to pick his brain about what Funifi has tried, what’s been working and what hasn’t for growing the business.

According to Funifi’s website, the four qualities that define the company are:

1. Speed – we experiment and fail fast
2. Quality – we build high quality products
3. Feedback – we listen to our users
4. Learn – We never stop learning

I think the story of Funifi’s growth is a solid example that can help a lot of people and something a lot of people can be inspired by. Even better, the marketing test that they ran can be duplicated and applied to other business types and niche markets.

In this informative interview between two entrepreneurs, we pick apart key aspects of entrepreneurship from branding, creative focus, employee loyalty, the future of content marketing, and much more!

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One Response

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    The failing fast note is HUGE Danny. I like succeeding by experimenting…….by failing a few times first 😉 Dive in, test, learn and most of all honor your feelings. Loving what you do makes it easier to fail because you don’t feel like you’re failing in the first place. Just an attempt, or a trip up. The cavernous, nasty, debilitating failures are usually routed in not following your bliss.

    Andrew seems like a guy who follows his bliss for sure.

    Thanks for the share!

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