The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
The Limitless Life Podcast: Create Your Compelling and Vibrant Future
#40 What it Was Like to Run Around the Entire World with Tony Mangan

In this inspiring interview we talk with the indefatigable Irishman ultramarathon runner Tony Mangan, who recently completed his “world run” around the entire planet!

Tony Mangan completed his world run, running further than any human being in his epic adventure.

At the age of 52, Tony left his home in Dublin in October 2010 and then ran around the entire world. He went from the top of North America down through Central America and to the very tip of South America, then on through Australia, Asia, and Europe. The incredible 50,000km+ journey lasted four years and two days. During that time, he ran the equivalent of one marathon a day(1,200 marathons total) – longer than any human has ever run.

Tony Mangan, ultramarathon runner of "The World Jog"

So, of course I had to invite him on to this show to learn how he did it and what we can learn from this incredible adventure.

“People sometimes thought I was a hobo or a tramp, 
but I’ve been living my dream,” he explains during the interview.

During our discussion, I ask Tony what his “Why” was that motivated – and kept him going – through this incredible adventure. Tony breaks down the entire process, what it was like to prepare for this journey and how he kept going. Tony opens up about the sacrifices and challenges he faced, and gives tips for would-be adventurers.

Other topics we discuss:

  • Why he became motivated to start – and complete – this epic journey, the thing he calls “The Monster.”
  • Highlights and stories from the road
  • How to find or invent unconventional solutions for something you want badly enough
  • The “magic letter” he carried which literally opened doors for him
  • The fears he faced during his adventure – and the fears we all struggle with
  • How his journey has changed who he is as a person
  • Plus – what Tony has planned next!

This is one of the most inspiring interviews we’ve published on OpenWorld, listen in and be motivated to begin your own epic adventure!

For more on Tony’s adventure, visit his blog here.

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